Dunkelflaute and record for renewable energy in November 2020

December 2020
Rotterdam – the Netherlands

The production of sustainable electricity in the Netherlands experienced significant peaks and deep troughs in November. Figures from Energieopwek.nl show that there was a Dunkelflaute; a moment with hardly any wind and solar energy. There was a record of renewable electricity on November 2nd 2020 and a low on November 23rd 2020.

The month also had a few periods with little sun and wind yield, interspersed with strong wind production. In total, 18 percent more renewable electricity was produced in November than in the comparable month the year before. On the record day, November 2nd 2020, the windmills and solar panels produced enough power to meet 41 percent of the electricity demand. 3 weeks later, on November 23rd 2020, these 2 sources only supplied 2.5 percent of the demand. It was even worse this year, according to Energieopwek.nl. On January 23rd 2020, only 1.8 percent of the electricity came from the windmills and solar panels.

Source: Solar Magazine / Energieopwek.nl