Solar panel production more than doubled, 28% Dutch electricity generated sustainably in February

February 2021
Rotterdam – the Netherlands

Electricity production from solar panels doubled in February compared to January, but total Dutch renewable energy production fell slightly. This is evident from figures from

Heat pumps made a visible contribution to the sustainable production of energy in February. On the peak day, February 9, the amount of renewable energy from heat pumps corresponded to 2 million cubic meters of natural gas. A heat pump extracts heat from the environment. That counts as renewable energy. The pumps do use electricity. In the winter period, this was about 4 percent of the total Dutch electricity consumption.

In February, the various sources produced 8 percent more renewable energy than the year before. Last year, production was one day longer in February due to the leap year.

The percentage of renewable electricity was higher in February than in January. The share of solar energy in electricity production has more than doubled from 2.1 to 5.0 percent compared to January. The KNMI registered 127 hours of sunshine for February. Normally this is 90 hours. Wind energy was the largest contributor.

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