The growing need and necessity for sustainable energy is increasing awareness among companies and private individuals to make roofs or land available for the installation of solar panels (solar PV).

Often the real estate owner has little or no knowledge of the technology and methodology in addition to financing solar PV projects. A process for the realization of a solar PV project is sector-specific, in which components, such as applying for government subsidies in combination with the engineering and installation work, are very intensive and lengthy processes.

SolarGrid completely relieves the real estate owner. SolarGrid’s management takes care of the entire process up to installation and makes all investments on roof or land. The real estate owner receives a long-term rental contract with fixed rental income for renting out the roof or land. The renewable energy generated is returned to the grid. It is possible for the real estate owner to purchase the generated sustainable energy via SolarGrid and to settle it against (part) of the rent.