P+R Transferium

We have played a leading role in the realization of the HUB, by developing and operating the smart energy system within the Transferium Deutersestraat in 's-Hertogenbosch, this includes:

· High Performance PV System and Energy Storage
· Future-proof installation with solar panels, (fast) charging stations and a battery
· IT system for energy management and self-consumption optimization
· Preparation for loading transferium bus

The solution in the Transferium was made possible in part by a contribution from the regional stimulation fund OPZuid and ERDF. In addition, we collaborated with, among others, Ballast Nedam, Bosman Bedrijven, Enexis, Enpuls, MeteoControl, EVConsult, Fortop, ABB, GreenFlux and the Municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch.

Overview of the project:

· Number of solar panels: 1.500
· Number of charging points: 26 + bus charger
· Number of inverters: 9
· Total yield: 500.000 kWh